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Amario's Art Academy Auction Online Rules.

The following rules shall apply with regard to the Academy Online & In-person Auction.

1.  At all times the rules shall be governed by Academy policy. By viewing / purchasing all parties agree that all disputes shall be mitigated by binding arbitration in the State of Georgia Judiciary System. 

2. Bidders may submit multiple bids of the highest values, with a minimum bid of listed price.  Unsuccessful Bidders will receive 100% refunds within 3-5 days via method of orginal payment and may have the option of purchasing prints

3. Bidding will close promptly on August 1m, 2018.  Winners will be notified via e-mail or phone. Winners are expected to pick up art work or arrange for acceptable delivery within 7 days of purchase.   

4.  The ownership of the artwork will be the winning bidder, the artist and all Academy agents reserve the rights to advertise the artwork in perpetuity without compensation or further consideration. 

5.  General Distribution of funding; the creating artist shall receive approximately 70% of net lot proceeds, the Academy will receive at least 20% of the lot proceeds.  The Academy will make a donation of the difference minus transaction fees to either Family Life Ministries

6.  The Academy, staff and or board have sole discretion to approve or deny a bid for any reason whatsoever. 

7.  The Academy may modify theses terms at anytime without further notice. 

Note: Data collection will be guided by  Academy's privacy policy

 General Donations May be tax deductible

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