15 FACTS about the academy - updated May 1, 2016

 1. 1.   HISTORY Founder, Amario served with Marvel Comic's Editor Chief Jim Shooter, working on titles such as X--Men, Hulk, Spider-Man, Transformers and Fantastic Four. Marvel Age #47. P. 26  http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Marvel_Age_Vol_1_47

2.  PARTNERSHIPS The Academy has partnered with many agencies in outreach arts education services.  Agencies such as Teens At Work, Hands on Atlanta, Columbia University, Atlanta Public Schools, Fulton County Schools,  City of College Park, Cartoon Network, Semantic Seed, College Park Police, Dark Horse Comics, Legend Cey Adams, Apple Marvel Comics, People TV, Open Rivers Pictures, Fulton County Schools, Atlanta Airport, Comic legend Paul Jenkins writer of Wolverine.

 3.  SERVICE We have served nearly 5,000 patrons per year through our website & with person to person events.  We provide daily classes year round. Nearly 200 enrolled have participated in outreach since the founding of the Academy in 2005.

 4. EDUCATION Currently we have 9 students enrolled at (Atlanta & Savannah) SCAD Savannah College of Art & Design.  In 2015. High school graduation rate is 100%. This percentage is based off the 200 Academy students who have been enrolled in the program for 1 year or more. Of those enrollees 98.5% of the graduating Academy students then go on towards college. Many of our students have gone on to successful artistic careers. The Academy has an intense community based program.

 5.  TEAMS The Academy rolls average 20 students, including specialized teams (current & alumni) in 2-d & 3-d animation teams, mobile phone & game applications as well as a mobile mural team called AMAPS. Our Academy Parents Association is APA.

 6.  WORLD WIDE RELEASE  In 2010 we released an I-Phone / Apple Digital Comic called Rare Jewels available on ITunes

 7.  DEMOGRAPHICS The average age of an Academy student is 12 years old, and comes from a middle to lower income family.

 8.  COSTS The Average cost per student ratio is over $600 per month, per student. Tuition only covers about 15% of the operating costs of the school. The Academy relies on grants and donations to operate. Donations may be tax deductible. 

 9.  SCHOLARSHIPS The Academy provides full & partial scholarships to students who demonstrate a need, on average 40% of our enrolled students are on scholarship.  Scholarships provide a direct benefit to parents and students. 

 10. SIGNATURE EVENTS DOS - Day of Superheroes ( www.dayofsuperheroes.com ) is a celebration of art heroes in us all. AMArvelDay.com  is a City wide event created by the Academy which collides comic culture and community. 

 11. LEADERSHIP SCHOOL  In 2008 the Academy founded the IAS - Integrity Above Skill Leadership Academy

 12. MURALS The Academy has created nearly 100 murals from 15 feet long and the largest is over 300 feet long.

 13.   REQUIRED CLASS TIME The average student spends at least 22 to 45 hours in real-time class preparation before creating a mural, caricature or portrait. In 2015-16 The Academy partnered with McNair Middle School serving 100 at risk students.

 14.   COMPETITIONS | AWARDS Academy Students placed 1st in a nationwide competition at Semantic Seed Startup Camp this camp was a 56 hour competition for adults & IT Professionals  to create a deployable mobile / game app on IOS, Android

2014 Winner of the MLK Community Service Award . Academy has produced 4 full scale comic books

 NOTABLE WORK | PROJECTS UNDERWAY   (  Abandoned The Video Game www.abandonedthegame.com ) 3-D PC game

 15.  Academy Students featured with at Georgia Capitol at Georgia Media Day with Gov. Deal.  Academy Students recognized

By City of College Park for their work on the 2016 Calendar. Current work 2016-17 includes work for Aviation Department