Amario’s  art studies began at NYC Mark Twain School for the Gifted and Talented.   .  Employment at Marvel Comics Group followed where Amario interned & was promoted to Editorial Assistant under the instruction of Editor in Chief Jim Shooter creator of Marvel's "Secret Wars". Amario worked on titles such as X-Men, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Transformer’s, GI Joe and more!  Amario is featured in Marvel Age No 47 in an article called “Incredible interns”.

In 2005 Amario co-founded Amario’s Art Academy for the Gifted & Talented to raise the level of artistic literacy and proficiency of young Metro Atlanta artist. This move galvanized the need for comic & animation classes for homeschoolers, after/out of school students to be challenged on learning the basic principles of comic art at a high level of proficiency.


Frequently Asked Questions  classes>faq>

1.  My child is interested in attending the Art Academy,  what are the costs and the application process Tuition is paid on a monthly basis this tuition is payable at the 1st of each month and covers the entire costs of events, class time, supplies and instruction.  Online classes & instruction is also available.

2.  Are All applicants accepted? All applications are accepted. However we are not able to approve each application, all applications are reviewed by a tri-partied board which makes recommendation on based upon class availability, applicant's portfolio, class size, student need and our ability to provide service to the student. We reserve the right to deny, suspend or reject any application for enrollment without reason or cause.

3.  What kind of projects will my child be involved in?  Community projects,  team art projects,  live caricature sittings,  portrait sittings,  classroom projects,  computer research, sketching, comic book paneling, storyboarding, illustration.

4.  How many hours are the sessions ?  Each class is 1.5 to 2.0 hours each. . more on specific class times *Summer Sessions can last up to 40 hours per week.  

5.  Do you provide transportation to the Academy ? At this time we do not provide transportation to the facility, however we are MARTA accessible and less than 1 mile from I 85. We are located next to CVS pharmacy and Chic Fil A on Cleveland Avenue.  

6.  What are the benefits of being a Academy student ?  As a Academy student you will gain local and National attention through our website and affiliations with our sponsors.  We offer a intense curriculum providing high level courses to elementary and high school students.  Our students can also receive a discount off of art supplies at Sam Flax, Atlanta and participating Michaels stores.

7.  What courses can my child take,  what are the hours of those courses? Please click on our classes link for detailed information

8.  Do you provide private classes or classes for adults? Yes, on a case by case basis, please contact us for more info.

9. What are the qualifications of your teachers ?  Come form a wide variety of education and experience. Most of our instructors are graduates and honor graduates from SCAD - Savannah College of Art & Design . Our speakers , ambassador & affiliates are industry professionals. Our founder has been employed by MARVEL Comics, Others teacher assistants are presently in college, are college interns and or industry professionals. While not all are graduates, we believe that all have strong artistic background.

10.  When do your classes start ? 

Our classes have began on August 5, 2023, we have three sessions Fall session ( August until December 21, 2023 ) Winter Session ( December 22, 2023 until March 21, 2024 ) Spring Session is from ( March 22, 2023 until May 30, 2023 )

Summer 2024 TBA.

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