Mural at World Changers Youth Ministry                             

This mural was create as a collection of 8 murals specifically designed for middle school ministry.




Mural & Poster event for Day of Superheroes                                           

These dynamic posters/mini murals to be on display throughout Atlanta





Christmas in Gotham City set of 10  - 8 foot  mural board for Youth Ministry

This set of mural displayed, Joker, Batman, Freeze and more in dynamic fashion.


Judge Hatchett TV Broadcast Mural                                                                                                                           

This was a major community mural for the City of East Point , with help from Hands On Atlanta, EPCAT, Teens at Work and a host of other agencies. Here Judge Hatchett used this mural to demonstrate "rebuilding".


Mural & Dinner Ceremony with City of College Park & ONMA                    

The Dinner Ceremony and partnership support .  

Lego Children's Fund partnership Mural at Harriet Tubman Elementary      

The Academy created a mural for Harriet Tubman Elementary with partnership funding from the Lego Children's Fund. The mural was also a part of the greater initiative with local art schools & Academy students. 


Superhero Murals & Events                                                                                 

As part of class assignment using scale some of the Academy students were asked to create this mural. 



Skatetowne Skating Rink - Mural ONE - Designing the Snack Bar

2nd mural at skatetown

Academy creates mural two murals for community skate rink in College Park GA, designing the snack shop on mural one a teen club in mural two. 

45 foot mural    2nd Mural at Skatetowne 1350 sq ft

Mural with TEENS AT WORK at KIPP South Fulton Academy  

The Academy & Teens At work partnered to create a major mural for Kipp South Fulton Academy serving 700 students                                 

M&M Mural at Teen At Work Learning Center- City of East Point

Academy students created this mural for the Teens At work Game & Activity room.


Kennedy Middle School Mural TWO                                                                

The Academy created a mural at the entrance of the school auditorium.

30 ft mural

Kennedy Middle School Mural THREE                                                         

The Academy created a mural concerning fitness with Hands On Atlanta & Atlanta Public Schools, this mural and school was featured on Good Morning America

Kennedy Middle School Mural ONE                                                        

The Academy created a mural and coined the phrase "believe in yourself " concerning fitness with Hands On Atlanta & Atlanta Public Schools. This mural is located outside of the Principals office.

85 foot mural  


Mural FOR Price Middle School in Atlanta                                                    

Price Middle School Mural

Keep East Point Beautiful Celebration & Recognition of the Academy         

The Academy received an award from East Point City & Keep East Point Beautiful for it's work on the 120 foot -Green Mural


Keep East Point Beautiful 120 foot Mural                                                         

The Academy created a 120 foot mural for the East Point City & Keep East Point Beautiful

Fulton County - Town of Cliftondale Mural                                                 

The Academy Created a major mural project for Fulton County Commissioner's Office & Fulton County parks & Recreation to beutify a youth learning center.

Mural FOR McNair Middle School and

CEY ADAMS Master Class                    

Academy Students Partner with redesign and rebuilding project with McNair Middle School, Interacting with entire community & school

Mural with Georgia Tech Students - Improvement of Graduate Study Area    

This mural was create as a collection of murals for display in the Georgia Tech Campus.  Academy Students partnered with GA Tech students o create this mural.

Mini Mural Poster Project City of Riverdale                   

Academy Students create mural for City of Riverdale which displayed at City Hall